Parenting Styles – Best Tips

Authoritarian parenting style

My parents exhibited this type of parenting style because they made rules that were to be obeyed without question failure to do what they expect it leads to punishment as a consequence of disobedience. For instance, time for playing PC games was regulated, but studies were given more time. The homework assignment was never a routine check especially by my father who never gave a damn whether I have done the assignment or not.

Father Vs Mother

My parents did pose different parenting styles. For example, the father was totally an authoritarian parent while the mother was authoritative. When it is time for school, my mom used to wake me up and prepare my breakfast so that I won’t be late. Contrary to my father; he will wake up and drive past my school heading to his precious homeland security job. Our family moral value had to uphold such as self-respect and obedience.

Developmental consequences

This had a great impact on my childhood life even in my adulthood. I did tend to love my mother more than my dad because he would explain and correct every mistake you make. I believe with the right parent around you, who understands you better than you live to be a great person in life. Consequently, up to date, I exhibit some characters that pin me down such as low self-esteem as well as I can’t make a perfect choice before making a consultation. More so, it is always difficult for me to tackle challenging tasks because I tend to give up very quickly due to lack of aggressiveness.

Stability of the parenting style

However due to a constant changing environment and constant inventions in technology, my mother’s parenting style tend to combine both permissive and authoritative styles. However, my father has changed significantly; he is now a concerned and caring father figure. He looks after me, make calls. This is due to increased number of teenagers joining terrorist groups such as ISIL.

My parenthood style

Becoming a parent in the future, I will assume both authoritative and permissive styles of parenting, because I need to be keen on what will benefit my child and also give freedom to make his or her choices in life provided it is not out of socially acceptable morals and responsibilities.