Daisies (1966)

Daisies is a Czech film that shows the misadventures of two young women. They believe that the world is spoilt. By doing pranks, they do not take anything seriously including men, war, food and clothes. They experiment with everything, and it is kind of a utopia where women do not have to follow the rules of etiquette. So today my mission is to write a perfect post and an essay, that can touch everyone. Of course I need someone to write my essay, to help me to figure out what kind of structure I should use in essay on Daisies. I think it’s a masterpiece of cinematography.

In one of the first scenes, Marie I and Marie II are dancing under an apple tree and then eat the apples. I think this symbolic to the Edenic fall. They are seen lazing around with their pajamas while eating breakfast snacks like croissants and fruits. I think this represents the sins of greed, sloth and lust. I also think that their silky pajamas are very fashionable. I also feel that their games represent the dangers of idleness and lack of ideas. Their behaviors might also be they are displacing men in order to take the role of dominance, thus resulting in them behaving oppressively and stupidly like how men do. Their dressing is also to confuse and humiliate older men. I also think that they want to be noticed and understand what their position in society is, since everybody seems not to notice them.

I think that the most important message that Marie I and Marie II were trying to put across is that we should pick our battles carefully. Instead of worrying about socialsins, we should worry about the dictatorship of the communists. This message is still relevant in modern times since it tells us to choose our battles wisely, focus our attention on the things that are important and refuse to conform to the arbitrary convection.