Each person has a motivation when it comes to starting a blog. And my motivation was sharing my view of the world and the things that I’m passionate about, namely music, books, and culture. Each and one of us can relate to these, in a way or another. Music, for me, is a way of escaping reality, reconnecting with myself, finding myself whenever I feel lost, not to mention that it is a way of self-expression. Many a time, trying to communicate my feelings is difficult, but music seems to make everything better, regardless of the mood I’m in – if I’m happy, stressed, mad, sad, depressed.

Nothing brings back feelings or emotions in the way in which music does. And that is why I reckon music as being the purest, rawest art form. I am also interested in the way in which music is linked to culture and the way in which it mirrors the cultural traits of a society. If we were to look back on the past and analyze the music from distinct centuries, we would be able to grasp the way in which the world used to be and its values.

Evidently, reading is crucial in shaping the way in which we perceive the world surrounding us. It also allows one to immerse in a different realm, place, and culture. It is as if we can travel in time without actually needing a time machine – we can do that with the power of our own mind and imagination.

On a different note, acquiring information about different cultures is the key to becoming more open-minded, and accepting the diversity and beauty of this world. To my mind, it is the diversity of this world that makes it so beautiful – and if we opened our eyes we could truly reckon this. And culture is one of the elements that shape our identity, affecting our behavior and mindset. By learning about different cultures, we can actually expand our horizons, since that implies eliminating biases and prejudices. We do that by accepting diversity and acknowledging that doing so is actually enriching.